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NSW Youth Hitting All the Right Notes

Since 2011 Gloria Jean’s Coffees and Variety - the Children’s Charity have been working together to help Aussie kids with unmet needs.

So far, Gloria Jean’s Coffees has raised over $500,000 for the national not-for -profit, helping kids like 11-year-old Bryce reach his full potential.

Bryce, from Thurgoona, NSW has autism and is a passionate musician. Support from Variety – the Children’s Charity by way of a Variety Scholarship has allowed Bryce to develop not only his music skills but also his social and interpersonal skills.

From a young age, Bryce’s love of music has been obvious. As a child, he wouldn’t respond to his parents’ calls to come inside the house but they found they could lure him in by turning on the radio.

And at school, his teacher would often observe Bryce’s moving fingers as if playing apiece of music. His piano teacher, Jacqui, recognized Bryce’s talent. According to her, in the time it would take most kids to complete one music book, Bryce finished three!

Since receiving his piano from Variety, Bryce can practice daily. His music also encourages him to spend time with people - an important breakthrough for someone who lacks the social skill to play a team sport or join a scout group,like his older brother Kurtis.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees, Cappuccino for a Cause campaign is a two day community event that takes place in Gloria Jean’s coffee houses nationwide taking place on Friday 20 and Saturday 21 March.

This year Gloria Jean’s Coffees is doubling the usual donation from the sale of thefirst 65,000 cappuccinos during the event. So, a total amount of $1 will go to Variety* from every cappuccino sold over those two days, together with 40c from the sale of every chocolate heart cupcake.

*The donation of $1 per sale of cappuccinos is capped at a total of 65,000 cappuccinos after which the donation amount will return to 50c for each cappuccino sold.

Just some of the ways in which Gloria Jean's guests' support over the past five years has helped Aussie kids in need are:

·     - Variety Sunshine Coaches have been provided to six special needs school and organisations,helping kids to get out and about, learn and be a part of the community.

·     - 81 kids have been supported across the country with Variety Scholarships, helping kids reach their academic, arts or sports potential.

There are many Aussie kids just like Bryce that need your assistance, so we urge you to show your support of Variety – the Children’s Charity and visit your local Gloria Jean’s coffee house on 20 and 21 March to make a difference to many young lives.

Cappuccino for a Cause is a fundraising campaign of With Heart, a Gloria Jean's Coffees Foundation and Jireh International Pty Ltd;11 Hoyle Avenue Castle Hill NSW 2154. T: 02 9894 2177, F: 02 9846 0999, E: gjcwithheart@rfg.com.au or feedback@gloriajeanscoffees.com.au W: www.gloriajeanscoffees.com.au/WithHeart/Home.aspx or www.gloriajeanscoffees.com.au Full campaign period 2 March – 31 March, 2015. For every cappuccino sold on 20and 21 March, 50c goes to Variety – the Children’s Charity, plus a further 50cdonation for the first 65,000 cappuccinos sold. This campaign applies toAustralia only. Throughout the campaign period 40c from the sale of ourchocolate heart cupcakes goes to Variety – the Children’s Charity. CFN/21152 –NSW. CCP1394 – SA. FIA-332 – TAS. 19000315 – ACT. CH1811 – QLD. 20988 – WA.10176 – VIC.