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    يوليو 24 2013


    Coffee With Heart

    With Heart™ was established four years ago to provide a more concerted structure to our global humanitarian strategy.
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    يوليو 24 2013


    Coffee tracks & travels – Jamaica

    Stephen Leach shares his travels to Jamaica to learn more about the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.
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    • Gloria Jean's Coffees
      1 weeks
    • Gloria Jean's Coffees
      4 months
      Dear Gloria Jean's Recently, 2 Dairy companies( Al Ain & Al Marai) have introduced a revolutionary dairy product. Fresh Cow Lactose-free Milk. For people like me who are Lactose Deficient/Intolerant , this is a huge deal. Long gone the Soy-milk coffees now. At last i can enjoy dairy products outside. What i am asking is that you provide Lactose-free milk in your branches. Caribou Coffee is the only one who seems to notice and provide that, but i like your coffee better , especially the "White chocolate Mocha" among other unique coffee you have. Note: i already tried buying my own milk and asked the guys there to use it but they said it is not allowed. So my only option now is to ask here. I added the image of both brands here. Thank you.