Our Local Company

The Gloria Jean’s Coffees (GJC) journey began in Pakistan in 2007 when GJC Pakistan opened its flagship coffee house on Mehmud Ali Kasuri Road in Gulberg, Lahore. Following the success of the brand globally, GJC Pakistan has brought a revolutionary coffee house experience to Lahore and Islamabad.

Within a year, GJC Pakistan was successful in not only capturing the pre-existing market of coffee drinkers but also in educating an emerging one. Within 18 months of the first outlet, GJC Pakistan has opened further coffee houses in D.H.A, Mall of Lahore, Lahore Grande, LUMS Lahore and Kohsar Market, Islamabad with plans now underway in Karachi, Faisalabad and Rawalpindi as well.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees outlets in Pakistan are the only coffee houses, where guests can place an order and follow the journey of the coffee from bean to cup. The entire process from the grinding of the bean to the handcrafting of the drink with latte art is carried out in front of our guests with strict standards of quality maintained.

GJC Pakistan takes great pride in the internationally trained and highly professional baristas working at all outlets. The baristas have been instrumental in creating a trademark coffee house culture reflecting friendliness, cleanliness and utmost customer satisfaction. Our baristas go beyond handing over just a cup of coffee. They will ensure that your entire stay at Gloria Jean’s Coffees is a memorable experience.

Our Global Company

Gloria Jean's Coffees an Australian owned global specialty coffee company, and is a brand synonymous with coffee quality and leading franchise systems.

The Gloria Jean's Coffees story began in the USA in 1979 when Gloria Jean and Ed Kvetko opened a specialty gourmet coffee outlet in a small town just north of Chicago.

With appreciation for quality coffee growing, it wasn’t long before Gloria Jean’s Coffees outlets started to appear around the USA.

More than 16 years later, Nabi Saleh, an Australian businessman and coffee expert, experienced the brand while in the USA and with his business partner, Peter Irvine, brought Gloria Jean’s Coffees across the globe to Australia.

Australia quickly became Gloria Jean's Coffees' fastest growing market. So with a recipe for success, Nabi and Peter set their sights on realising a vision to make Gloria Jean’s Coffees the most loved and respected coffee company in the world.

In 2004, they returned to the USA and purchased the international branding and roasting rights for all countries outside of the USA.

Four years later, the story has come full circle. In early 2009 Gloria Jean’s Coffees International affiliate company, Praise International North America Inc, completed negotiations to buy Gloria Jean’s Coffees U.S. retail and franchise operations from its current U.S. owner comprising of 102 coffee houses in 24 states.

Today Gloria Jean’s Coffees is located in numerous countries around the world and continues to find a place in the hearts of coffee lovers everywhere.