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Gloria Jean’s Coffees celebrates the 50th anniversary of Cold Brew Coffee

Gloria Jean’s Coffees is celebrating 50 years of the Toddy Cold Brew Technique used in its Signature Iced Coffee. The special process slow brews fresh ground coffee to produce a refreshing drink with a full, smooth coffee flavour which is perfect for a warm summer’s day.

Developed in 1964, the Toddy Cold Brew Technique has revolutionised the way we enjoy coffee and, it has allowed us to create a well-balanced and less acidic way to enjoy a cooling cup of coffee.

So how does the Toddy Technique create the perfect cup of cold coffee? Gloria Jean’s Coffees Head Barista, Melita Ferraro says, “Allowing the right amount of time is a key consideration in creating our Signature Iced Coffee. We start with fresh ground coffee then mix it with cold water and leave to brew for up to 16 hours, allowing us to slowly extract the full flavour compounds of the beans. During this cold brew process, time replaces heat, giving a drink that is full of coffee flavour but with less bitterness and acidity naturally found in hot coffee.”

First created in Cornell by Todd Simpson, the Toddy Technique is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a well-balanced coffee over ice.

“Similar to every cup of coffee, choosing the right beans is essential in creating the perfect cup” said Melita. “We use the Gloria Jean’s Coffees Black Gold Whole Beans. This medium dark roast uses high quality Arabica beans and brings out rich and sweet flavours which makes them the perfect beans for cold brew coffee.”

Gloria Jean’s Coffees has been using the Toddy Cold Brew Technique since it opened the doors of its very first coffee house in 1996.

The Group Brand and Marketing Manager, Nicole Saleh, says the Signature Iced Coffee has remained a firm favourite with guests: “Our guests have always loved our Signature Iced Coffee; it is one of our most popular cold beverages. “Guided by our passion for great tastes, the toddy method extracts the delicious smooth coffee flavour to create an Iced Coffee that can be enjoyed anytime of day or night.”