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A few of our favourite things..

Ever wondered what our team members love to eat and drink at Gloria Jean’s Coffees? For a limited time, coffee houses will be highlighting their favourite menu items to invite you to discover something new.

Look for the tickets in their pastry cabinet for their favourite food items, and the menu board posters for their favourite drinks. If your regular order is a Large Skinny Crème Brulee, why not try a Skinny Very Vanilla Chiller? It may just become your new favourite!

We ask our baristas, what’s your favourite?

“A small, double ristretto Cappuccino, and my favourite Gloria Jean’s Coffees Chiller is the Voltage with an extra shot.” - Nathan Trebbin, 2012 Gloria Jean’s Coffees Australian Barista Champion

“At the moment it would have to be a Double Ristretto as well as a good single origin Syphon Coffee.” - Elisha Mauger, 2013 AASCA National Cup Tasting Champion