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Coffee tracks & travels – Jamaica

Director of coffee purchasing Stephen Leach shares his travels to Jamaica to learn more about the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

Jamaica is one of the few coffee-producing countries that regularly receive vacation visitors. Like any product that’s associated with fond memories of a particular location, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee conjures up images of warm tropical breezes, crystal clear water and the misty Blue Mountain district. These images help fuel the demand for one of the world’s great coffees.

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is a large blue-green bean which when roasted yields a rich aroma, medium acidity, and a velvety, creamy aftertaste.

The Blue Mountain district is the most important of the six coffee-growing areas in Jamaica and is a clearly defined area noted for its perfect combination of soil and climate. There is also a personal commitment on the part of the farmers that is rarely seen. They care for their farms with a passion and dedication that comes through in the cup. I once witnessed women singing gospel songs while sorting green coffee beans.

Our Jamaica Blue Mountain whole bean coffee is available in a 200g bag, and can be freshly ground by our purveyors. Visit your local Gloria Jean’s coffee house today to purchase*.

*May not be available at all coffee houses