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Coffee With Heart


Every day across the world in our coffee houses, we are engaged in the business of coffee. Whether it’s serving a strong macchiato for a regular guest’s morning hit, or a making a round of creamy cappuccinos for the office next door – coffee is our hero. We also see ourselves in the business of people, and it is this humanitarian focus that runs deep in our DNA as long as we are serving coffee.


The Oxford Dictionary defines the adjective ‘humanitarian’ as being concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare. All the coffee lovers out there will probably agree that providing their daily coffee/s is already a humanitarian act that exponentially benefits their welfare.


However, not only does having a humanitarian focus mean treating each other and our guests with value and respect, we believe that we can also have a positive impact on the communities through which we serve and source our coffee. This is far from a unique pursuit, and it is invigorating to see how businesses internationally are now incorporating a form of corporate social responsibility into their business processes and profits.


Like any other business, we have often felt overwhelmed with the staggering requests for charity partnership, sponsorship or donation that continually arrive in our mail and inboxes. “Where do we start? How can choose which cause to support?”


For this reason, With Heart™* was established four years ago to provide a more concerted structure to our global humanitarian strategy. Our approach is not to give away money to the cause who shouts the loudest, but instead to partner with not-for profit and charitable organisations who share a sustainable strategy in tackling society’s issues today.


Today, Gloria Jean’s™ coffee houses across the globe are listening to what their local community care about most and support causes that touch their heart.


In Australia, the With Heart Local campaign has empowered local coffee houses across the country to support their chosen charity for the past two months. This campaign alone has created inspiring waves of passion and dedication in the communities. Even in difficult economic climates, significant funds over and above the previous year have been raised.


For example, in Bangladesh the team organised a campaign at short notice to donate a portion of their sales to support families affected by the recent tragedy where an eight-storey commercial building collapsed in Savar, Bangladesh.


Following that, we recently filmed a mini-documentary in Delhi with one of our long-standing charity partners Opportunity International and their microfinance partner, Shikhar.


Check out the link here for a one-minute condensed version, which outlines why we believe in microfinance.

As you can see, the humanitarian efforts that a business can engage in ranges from short impromptu disaster relief support, to localised campaigns, to long term partnership support for sustainable solutions. Whatever the approach, the very heart of it will always be a shared belief that together, we can actually make a difference in real peoples’ lives. 

With Heart® is a Gloria Jean’s Coffees™ international foundation


Image taken by Lauren Horton in association with Compassion Australia.